The first “paying crew” trip went down to an Danish island called Bornholm. That trip you can read about in “Adventures”. And now its time for another:

Our second trip is going down to the Mediterranean sea, but we are going to split it up in two seasons.
First season will involve the trip down and the North part and the second season will mainly be south, Africa and back home.
Both seasons will have highlights and they will also have some lower rate in the beginning and also the end of each season. I will be more specific later on, use the buttens on top, to get realy detaljs of the trips!.

the Mediterranean

1.Leg 1
She will be sailing down thru Keil-cannel down the coast of Holland and over to England south tip. Then we go cross the Atlantic/Biscaya to La Corrunya in Spain.
That is a long trip and will demand a lot of courage from they who sail with us.
Around end of May we will see the Gibraltar and also maybe take a closer look at Africa if we got a fast cross over from England.
1.Leg 2
Over to Mallorca and Manorca. Sardinia and Corsica will be our longest stay on this part of the journey. We will explore the islands for 3 weeks, then we sail over to Sicily and the coast of south Italy.
To Croatia and its south islands, then back and the west Greek islands/mail land. true the Korint-cannel. Athens.
East islands of Greece and Turkeys main land. This leg is going to be the longest in “First season”, total 6 weeks on the islands and Turkeys beautiful bays.

Middle of September the boat will be stored there for the next season


Turkey and Greece for 6 weeks, it starts in April/May.
Athens, around outside Greece mainland, Malta.
Malta, to “Kartago”, Sardinia and Spain mainland
Spain to Afrika and Casablanca. Then Portugal, Spain- La coruna

Over Biscaya-bay to England. Then Scotland and Denmark. And that is end of September s/y FREEDOM will be back again