What we expect you to do on the boat and what your sailing knowledge has to be, I will explain for you here:



  • You don’t need more knowledge about sailing as you have on driving a spacecraft. WE will give all newcomers- routine sailors or amateurs, a “half day” walkthrough the boat and get together with safety equipments. Then the rest of the day will go true sailing tec. and rescue-procedures.
  • After the first day you will be able to take sails up or down, witch rope to trim the sails. How to follow compass course and take out nautical distances. How to rescue a friend out of the water and how to use the radio.
  • In the end of your first week you can call your self a sailor and stay of late and dealing night-watch shifts are something you will do without a problem.




    • You will be part of the team- That means take turns up on deck or down below with normal day to day job.
    • Do food shopping. In the price the food is not included, therefore we use a money jar to make it equal what the shopping list will be.
    • Cooking and dishes once etch week, once or twice we eat out.
    • You clean your own clothes or team up with one. There are harbors that will provide that kind of service.
    • Help us clean the boat before you leave us for the next person that will take over.
    • Do night-watches, steering, mooring and help out to make it easier for us to make it to our destination.
    • Be on time! When we leaving the harbor, we have a time-schedule. We will be on the spot when you arrive to join our boat, and also we will be picking others up later. Therefore you have to listen what time on shore we give you.
    • You respect the judgment of the captain and listen to other team-mates, there are many wills and you have to respect them. We live tight and it can be frustrating some times.