There will be a booking program on this page later on.
You will find available dates and airport that is close to were ever you choose for country to start at. All your info will be put in that system and then sent to me.

Now however, we have to do it manually. So what I need from you to make it easier to fit you in our schedule, and most important one- If you can
handle to be sailing with other people in a crowded boat?
Info we need:

  • First and last name
  • How many you are
  • Address and phone number
  • Profession
  • Contact person in your home country
  • Health restrictions
  • Time at sea
  • Which "leg"/"legs" you want to join
  • What harbour/airport will be best (I will help you out)
  • Critical dates
  • Any wishes that we could have in mind while planning
  • Little about you self

Send all that information to my email:

And we will give you a respond email as soon as we registered your mail.
An answerer with all useful checkups take usually 2-3 weeks.
Preferable by email, phone if necessary.