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  Dates and Time Weather and Wind Pressure Distance made (total) Some text about what happend on Freedom this day
10-07-02       Today we travelled far enough to re-enter Spain. We went up a river, which is actually the border between Portugal and Spain. We arrived at dusk and the sunset was quite impressive. We said goodbye to Portugal and decided to moor the boat in the Spanish harbour - Ayamonte. The centre of town was a 2 minute walk away. So after a great dinner aboard Freedom, Kalle and I went to explore a little. It was 9 o'clock and Monica decided to stay behind. Well to our surprise, this small village was wide awake and out enjoying the evening. We walked amoung the narrow streets and followed the flow of people till we came upon the most amazing sight. A busy town square surrounded by magnificient palm trees, children playing and restaurants overflowing with people. In the very centre was a blow up bouncy castle for the kids. What a sight to see! The kids ran free but you could sense that the whole community was keeping an eye one them. It's so hot during the day - your energy is zapped. But with the "coolness" of the evening, familes get together to play and eat. We sat and enjoyed a beer. Here we felt like the only tourists - We had found an authentic view of Spain. Aferwards we walked a little further and looked at the sparkling lights of Portugal across the river. Then took the old town streets back to the marina. Oh, and on our way back, I saw my first cockroach - I'm proud to say that "cockroach" is one of the first Swedish words I learnt a year ago - no idea why, but it stuck - kackalacka. It's fun to say. Disgusting little creature! The town was so clean, I was very surprised to see it.
Vi hamnade i en hamn vid gränslandet mellan Portugal och Spanien. På Spanska sidan fanns en vacker liten hamn och med en större by att vandra runt i. Efter en natt sömn bestämde vi att det skulle va kul att hyra bil. Jag har ett körkort som är inte giltigt längre, det gick ut i Maj. Men med charm går allt och detta blev andra gången på denna resa som jag kunde hyra bil på mitt gamla körkortsleg. Vi körde direkt till Sevilla, den gamla Moriska staden. Vackra byggnader i Morisk/Spansk stil. Påvägen tillbaka valde vi bergsvägar och snirklade runt uppför tills vi kom upp på höga höjder. Här ifrån kunde vi se korkEkskogar och tjurar som vandrade runt helt själva. För att föda upp en riktig tjurfäktarrjur behövs total avskärmning från människovärlden. Så dessa höga branta kullar med djupa skogar passar bra för att få fram de argsinta tjurarna. Vyerna var magnefika och vid varje backe och hörn fanns nya utsikter att vila ögonen på. Mörkret kröp på och vi hade hela 2 timmar kvar att köra i total mörker. Väl framme vid midnatt lämnade vi 3 bilnyckeln och gick till TappasBar.

This morning Kalle and Monica went off in search of a rental car. After multiple fruitless attempts in Portugal I was not very optimistic on their success. (We were told that there were no cars available in Portugal for the whole summer - they were all rented). But, as luck would have it, the mother and son team returned to the boat with a cute little car to get us to Seville and back. Sweet! Off we went. We stopped at a gas station, bought the neccessary supplies: big botttles of water, a map, and ice creams! We stayed on a major highway for a bit, but after seeing beautiful stork nests along the way, Kalle had the exploring bug. So we hopped off the highway at Boneras and looked around. We found field after field of sunflowers. AMAZING! Kalle took our little car down a barely there farm road and we stumbled upon a pond with many storks. We stopped and absorbed the beauty of this hidden gem. Then back on the road.

We reached Seville in the early afternoon, bought a guide book and decided on visiting Alcazares. It is a beautiful palace with the most exotic gardens. All three of us were in awe. This place was breath taking. We have many pictures from this wonderful place. It was a self guided tour and we explored for a couple hours. After we were super hungry. Kalle picked a great place were we enjoyed a lovely tapas style meal and a couple big beers. The owner was serving us and he and Kalle bonded. He took him into the kitchen and taught him the difference in taste and quality of different jambon serrano. After diner we got back in the car headed up into the mountains to explore somemore of Spain. The drive was beautiful. We went north on a narrow road, we drove for hours. We found one little mountain village and drove around. The roads were so steep that the car couldn't make it up, and to Monica's horror, we had to reverse down the hill. As we continued driving north through the mountains the road became so curving and narrow, that we would honk the horn before advancing around some bends. We stopped and admired the low sun and looked closer at some cork trees. Very kool. We finished the mountain tour and ended up in another small village close to a larger road. This village had a bull fighting arena. It was closed but, Monica discovered that if you stood on a rock you could see over the wall. There are some pics in the gallery. We arrived back at the boat around 10pm and decided to go to the enchanting town square for a drink before bed. What a great day!

10-07-04 E, 20 m/s    

Arrived late in Chipiona. Sooooo windy and it was alittle scarry out at the sea. But now we are well.

Kalle wrote the above entry. I just wanted to add that the wind was INSANE!!!! Kalle was steering and the waves were so big that he kept getting dumped on with water. He was soaked! The whole cockpit was soaked! We had to take down the main sail in this crazy moment, that was one of the scariest times. Because we had no autopilot, I took over steering - directly into the wind!!!! And Kalle bravely went up to the base of the mast and dragged down the sail. (We were both theathered to the boat with lifelines to be safe and had lifejackets on). All and all, the dropping of the sail went smooth. We saw another sailboat suffering in the wind in the not so far distance. They seemed to be really having a hard time getting their front sail in. The winds were peaking out at 20m/sec! When we got to the harbour that other boat arrived 10 min later. Kalle helped them dock and chatted with the couple a bit (they were a younger couple as well, I believe they were from Austria). They told Kalle that they had been worried for us cause it looked like we were really having a tough time out there. What a scary experience. When we parked the boat in it's slip we had quite the spectator turn out . .. there was at least 10 people hanging out, watching. Crazy. /R

Vi fick hemska vindar den eftermiddagen. Det blåste mer och mer och vinden vred från kryssvind till rakt i nosen, vi fick ändra kurs från att gå till Cadiz till mot Chipiona. De sista 2 timmarna var de tyngsta jag gjort. Byarna var över 20m/s och oftast låg stadigt på 15-20. Vågorna slog över några gånger med tungt vatten som slog mot min kropp. Storseglet var fortfarande uppe och jag valde att låte det vara så länge vi kunde få lite buk i det. Jag är den enda med seglarvana och med autopilot var det vangsligt att ta ner ett segel i dessa vindar och vågor. Närmare land kunde vi ta ner seglet och styra mot hamn. När vi inklarerat (som man gör i alla hamnar i Spanien och Portugal) tog vi några stadiga groggar och tiden gick över midnatt och det var min födelsedag. Fick en hov av mamma, lite på skoj men den kommer till nytta.
10-07-05 E, 10 m/s    

Captains birthday! We snorkled and found alot of fun stuff! Hermitcrabs, SeaAnemones and fishes. Fun! /K

When we took a morning stroll we saw men standing out off the coast fishing - the looked like they were standing on the water! It was an amazing site. Turns out there are very low stone walls built to protect the coral reefs found along this shore. When the tide is low you can clearly see the walls. They extend out quite far into the ocean. But when tide is high . . .. they dissapear from site, and those fisherman who picked their spot at low tide are now "walking on water". Kool. This was a our first snorkling adventure - and Oh my!!!! So amazing. Kalle is so knowledgable and showed me so much about sea life. The coral was a muted purple colour - but very impressive. We were in the water for a long time. Monica hung out on shore. 10 feet from out lounging area was a beautiful restaurant with a very large patio. So we steped away from our beach nest and enjoyed a Birthday lunch. We shared a couple bottles of very cold white wine :) Some lovely fried peppers, a tomato/basil/onion ensalada, fries and a small plate of battered and fried sardines. Delicious. Although Kalle is not a seafood fan, he did try a sardine!

After a bit more lounging Monica headed back to Freedom and we carried on to another place to find wi-fi, and update the website. After an hour we too were back at the boat. Harbour fees were paid that night and we geared up leave in the morning. /R

Vi snorklade under dagen och mamma låg och solade. Häftiga undervattensstenar att snorkla runt och vi fann massa kul. Jag undervisade Riley varje gång vi kom upp till ytan om vad vi hade sett vid varje dyk. Mitt största intresse är det marina livet under ytan. Vi såg större och större Eremitkräftor.. Anemoner i två olika vita kulörer. Randiga fiskar som vaktade sina revir. Fiskar som lever i par vid öppningar i sanden. Musslor och snäckor i olika färger och former. Det fräcka var att vid ett rev längre ut (300m ut och lång grunt) fann jag en nät-tyngd som hade några år på nacken och en kruka med bra mycket hög ålder bakom sig. Jag flög ur vattnet och tyckte jag funnit en "skatt".
10-07-06 SE, 15 m/s    

We set off early and travelled further along the Spanish coast. But once again the wind picked up midday and was blowing at greater than 10 meters per second. I seem to have the wind curse - when I'm steering the wind picks up. Unfortunately, since discovering that the autopilot is once again broken, me steering Freedom is unavoidable. /R

We arrive in Sainte Petri and tryed to moore on a floating potoons. But no room! The wind is heavy and we are tired.. Solution was to moor against a boyo. Marina Nautico helped us tie up the boat! THANKS! Almost a sandstorm and the boat collects alot of this sand. /K

The three of us took a cab to the big grocery store -Sancti Petri has no real facilities other than the Nautica pub and restaurant. We did a big grocery shop - and really stocked up on liquids. It's crazy how thirsty you are in this heat. Kalle had not had a birthday cake, so we bought a lemon tart as a belated treat. (He said it was good - but nothing like the delicious lemon pie he was treated to by Chantal Giroux on our visite to Pembrook last year)

During the night this wind is sooooooo violent. I woke up and went up on deck to look around. It felt like at any second the lines will break and we will smash into the boats near us. Very scary. Scarier than the night we anchored after the fog. Kalle joined me up on deck and we decide to throw out the anchor to give us extra security. Monica is woken up by all the noise. It must have been 1am or so. And we were all awake, in awe of the winds fury. After the anchor is secure we all feel better and go back to sleep. /R

Här fick vi starka vindar igen på eftermiddagen och behövde avbryta en längre seglats. Inseglingen blev lite gungig och jag blev ännu en gång översjöljd av havsvatten. Sainte Petri ligger i en flodmynning och har en sand halvö på andra sidan. Det är ideal för Kait-surfare, vindsurfare och allt annat häftigt som ungdommar pysslar med nuförtiden (hehe). Här inne låg vi bra skyddat tyckte vi. Men vi fick inte en plats i hamnen, de sa att det var fullt och vi fick fråga en annan marina om råd. Nautico hjälpe oss med öppna armar och visade vägen till en boj att förtöja i. Mellan förtöjningen och land fick man ta en båt-taxi (speedboat) och det var bara att ropa upp på kanal9 så kom de. Plajjan blev minde rolig denna gång, det blåste sandstormar och hela hårbottnen blev full av sand. Vi åt på fiskrestuarnga innan och jag beställde en tonfiskkottlett grillad... Gillar INTE fisk, men tänkte pröva.. Tog ett riktigt bett för det ser ju ut som en skinkbit.. Fan va äckligt, jag blev helt grön i ansiktet tyckte de andra och jag behövde gå och lägga mig efter detta. De andra åt upp min tallrik också. Mamma åt Friterade Tonfiskbitar och Riley Fiskbullar.
10-07-07 E, 12 m/s    

We enjoy a slow morning on the boat. We are kind of trapped - we can't use the dingy cause the wind is to strong. You can get a a taxi to shore for free, 24hrs a day from the Marina, but you don't want to abuse it and there's not much to do in the town. So we hung out. The wind really picked up mid day. So aggresive! We had lifted the anchor earlier but decided to toss it back in the water with this latest gust. Not long after, the taxi boat showed up with and the Marina guys and told us it was dangerous to have the anchor in. They said that there was potential it's line could get twisted around the router or prop. So we thank them, they drive away and Kalle and I try to pull the anchor out. We try, and we try, and we try, but it won't come. It appears to be latched onto the chains that secure the mooring boyos - oh shit!!!! What do we do now? Kalle decides to deliberate over a piece of lemon pie. As he steps below, the marina guys show back up. They said they were watching us struggle and wondered if we wanted help. We gratefully accept. They take our anchor line, and with their little taxi boat they pull the anchor up from the opposite angle. This unlatches it and within 5 min a catastrophy is avoided. Kalle in his genuine cuteness, goes down and slices two big pieces of pie and gives it to the men as thankyou. Later when they come back to taxi us to land for showers we are invited to watch the football semi-final game at the marina pub. As Kalle describes below - we made great friends and had alot of laughs. The nice lady who ran the front desk had been struggling to communicate with us because she spoke no english and we don't speak Spanish - later in the evening we learn that both her and I can speak French - so after a day and a half we can finally have a conversation. The whole marina is run by a couple families. We felt like part of the group that night. The grandmother says to Kalle, you come to stay with me for 3 months, then points at me and says, she can work here - at the bar! What the heck!!!! So much fun.

Viva Espania! /R

Spain is playing football! Semifinal and they won! We made new friends and drunk bunch of beer! Nice town and good service at Marina Nautica! /K

Idag blåste det så mycket att jag slängde i ett ankare extra men en bit från vår boj, för säkerhetsskull och med extra slack. När jag skulle dra upp ankaret så hade det givetvis fastnat i en bojsten och gick inte att få upp. Vi fick hjälp av båttaxi folket och bjöd dem på citrontårta efteråt. Påkvällen spelade Spanien fotboll, det är VM i Sydafrika och detta är semifinalen. Spanien vann med 1-0 mot Tyskland och går nu vidare. På Söndag är finalen mot Holland. Då är vi nog runt Malaga.
10-07-08 SE, 10 m/s    

Barbate. They didnt have a slot in my sice, so a 13m slot we had to hire. And pay for the same sice! grr. Well, we could rest, whent for a swim and food shopping. /K

We were moored next to a beautiful Dutch boat. We met the owners briefly and shared some stories of our journeys so far. After a swim we took an impromptu hike. It was krazy kool. The trees are so different. All the foliage is high up, so under the canopy is clear and sandy. It's a very enchanting feeling - but the soft sand is hard to walk in when you are wearing flip flops. We were feeling the force, but our trusty tour guide Kalle managed to get us out of the bush pretty much right at the doors to the grocery store. Barbate has a really strange marina layout - and it was a long walk back to the boat with the groceries. Tonight was an early to bed night /R

Iväg igen. Vid 10tiden stack vi och hoppas komma till Tarifa eller Gibraltar. Men vinden kom igen och vi vikte av till Barbate. Tråkig stad och tråkig marina. Fanns inga platser och skulle först betala för en 16m plats. De fann en 13m båtplats och fick betala för den istället, vi är glada att kunna dusha och gå till Plajjan att vi betalade och höll tyst. Här försökte jag och Riley att snorkla, men det blåste så det var grumligt. Jag kunde dyka ner och hade en sikt på 20cm kanske och hittade några eremitkräftor. Vi tog en omväg hem, jag ville gå i skogen och vi fann en naturstig vilket vi knatade runt på, men det var rätt så skäpigt. Utgången från skogen blev baksidan på ett Tivoli som låg placerat vid en soptipp.
10-07-09 SW, 2 m/s   2320 nm

We are now in Gibraltar! Arrive 13.00. Had some fog again, but no wind for most of the trip. Atlas mountans was a treet to see from distance. /K

We experiences some weird vibrations as we were motoring today and again as we attempted to reverse in the harbour. Kalle climbed down the back ladder and with a cyclops on put his face in the water to check it our. Kennith had suggested there was something stuck on the prop - and he was right. We had clear plastic taggled up. So with a hook, Kalle pulled it all off. There's some pics. There's an airport runway beside us and Gibraltor's mountians rising up behind us. What a truly remarkable place. The reality of the distance we've covered this summer hits us as we moor in Gibraltor. This was one of the biggest milestones of the journey - after the Biscay Crossing. I sure can't wait to explore. /R

Vi stack tidigt idag för att kunna hinna till Gibraltar (om det skulle börja blåsa i eftermiddag igen). Runt 7 tiden kom vi iväg och det gick bra tills dimman kom. En Engelsk båt vinkade när vi passerade och vi undrade vad han härjade om, så jag tog upp min VHF.. Han frågade om han kunde bli bogserad eftersom vi passerar honom med en sån hastighet. Jag svarade att skulle tänka på det. Efter 20 min så ropade han upp igen och sa att han var blåögd och såg bra ut och kanske jag hade ändrat mig. Då svarade jag att jag redan har en blåögd/blond kvinna och en brunögd/brunett. Lycko sa han och var tyst i 30min, sen ropade han upp en miljöaktevist båt (WWF) som enbart gick på solceller. Eftersom det började bli dimigt så fick den båten inte alls och låg och drev... Denna gång tyckte engelsmannen att hans båt gick påtok för snabbt, och sa till Aktevisten att han ville informera att han tänkte gå om honom på hans Styrbordsida och att han borde väja lite för han kommer med sådan fart... Ja så fortlöpte det ett tag tills vi fick sådan distans att min handburna VHF tappade täckning. Vi passerade Tarifa och då släppte dimman, vi hade hafte ett möte som dök upp från ingenstanns och fick ett 6min möte tills han försvann i dimman igen. Efter Tarifa kunde vi se Atlasbergen på Afrika sidan och snart Gibraltar bergen föröver. Mer segelbåtar och Tankbåtar fyllde min Plotterskärm och nu började båtandet bli kul igen. Strömmar i vattnet bromsade båten iband och vi gick i 4knop ibland och 6,5 som mest. The Rock, klippan såg vi från rätt så långt håll och det kändes som evigheter, då började det bli viberationer i båten och jag stängde av motorn för att kolla fästningarna och propelleraxeln. Allt såg bra ut och när jag startade motorn gick allt bra igen. Första Marinan vi åkte in till och ropade upp på kanal71 så fick vi besked att det var fullt, när jag slog i backen vibrerade det igen och mycket denna gång. Vid flygplatsen fanns en marina och där fick vi plats. Vid angörning slog jag i backen och hela båten vibrerade, de tafatta engelsmän som skulle hjälpa till vid bryggan stog mest och glodde när nosen på båten slog in i bryggan. Konstig hamn, första gång som jag är med om att man drar upp en lina ur vattnet och fiskar upp en större tamp som sitter i en bojsten på botten. Tampen var av större kaliber och det var svårt att slå om knapen. Väl förtöjd började felsökandet av vibriationerna. Min Far tipsade om skräp som satt fast i propellern. Jag fällde ner badstegen och satte på ett cyklop, och visst- det var en stor plastpåse omvirad runt propellern. Med Fiskkroksspöt kunde jag dra loss plasten och efter 20min jobb var all plast borta. Jag behövde inte ens dyka ner med hela kroppen. Utflykt runt staden sen. Men staden hade blivit en turistfälla för Engelsmän.. Ser fram emot aporna imorgon!
10-07-10 E, 6m/s    

Breakfast and soon time for "the Rock" ....
We did go up to the rock and it was Amazing"" More cooler than I was expecting. /K

We took a cable car up to the top of the mountain. And right away were met by the famous apes. They had stolen a womens back pack off her back and were munching on her granola bar. She told me she was more worried they would pull out her extra pair of undies. he he! During our exploratory hike around the rock - we got a little lost, and we had no water. We ended up far from where we should be. Kalle asked an employee who was just finishing work and locking some gates directions. She explained and then offered us a ride. OMG!! Her car had air conditioning. So all three of us jumped in and she drove on narrow roads, along the side of the rock, beside apes back to the cable car area. Where we hopped out and thanked here for helping us. We bought some well deserved water at the gift shop.

We met a very interesting family from Michigan. The dad was a math proffessor who travels for different math conferences - crazy! They had two daughters, one was afraid of heights and the other caves, so to conquor their fears they were taking both on that day. The youngest girl was crying cause she was so scared of the view. But as we walked and talked, her mom and I were able to find a topic (the little girls recent birthday party) to take her mind off where we were and her fears. Pretty soon her tears had dried up and she was chatting away. They were a very nice family.

We took a rough path down and ended up finding a pub - The Rose. It had a sign welcoming those who had just climbed down from the rock in for a cold beer. So, we took their advice. The bartender was the owner. He was a very nice man from Gibraltor, who had lived awhile in England but after retiring from being a firefighter, had returned to Gibraltor. His wire, was a lovely lady from South Africa. She had done alot of sailing on the African Coast - that sounds to wild for me! We chatted for a while. Then made our way back to the boat. /R

        När vi kom upp till klippan via en linbana så möttes vi direkt av en apa. De var orädda och vi varnades att inte ha mat framme då de grabbade tag i maten direkt. En tjej blev av med sin ryggsäck och skrek "mina underbyxor och ombyte är där i". Aporna fick tag i varsin chockladkaka och mumsade gott på dessa. Vi hade en mycket trevlig dag och fick ta massor av bra kort.

We are sailing along the Meditteranean coast today - and it is beautiful. The water is soooo turquoise and clear that you can see the bottom even when there is 14 meters of water. The harbour we wanted to stay at is full. There is no wind, so we decide to anchor off shore near a quite beach with a big bar/restaurant. We snorkle - amazing! Then clean up, blow up the dingy and Kalle and I head to shore to watch the football finals. Spain vs Holland. Halfway through Monica calls the cellphone saying that the drag alarm has gone off and we need to come back. We can see the boat, it still looks good but for Monica alone out there it must have been pretty scary. So we settle our tab and Kalle paddles us back to Freedom. The anchor had settled out again, and we all go to bed. We are awoken by horns and cheers when Spain won the match! /R

10-07-12 SE, 8m/s   2349nm

We are in Toromolini. Had problems with Spanish police and we desided to move. Here we are good!

This place is crazy. The buildings are made to look like they are Morrocan, and behind them is a complex of shops and retaurants - it's a crazy tourist place. It's not authenic at all. I kind of like it though because it's got alot of energy. Kalle and I continued walking, and tried to find the "real" city. After 40 min or so we found a square full of local people. The welcome home parade for the football players being held in Madrid was being televised in all the restaurants and families were out enjoying the coolness of the evening. We happily sat and had a coke and pizza :) Then we walked back to the boat. Monica had stayed behind to get packed for her morning flight the next day. /R

        När vi kom fram till Malaga så kom Polisen. De ville ta betalt för hamnplatsen då Marinan var full och de ansåg att de hade rätt till den platsen. Plus så ville de kräva en "avgift" för att vi är i Spanien och seglar. Vi sa att denna hamnen är inte rätt för oss och seglade tillbaka 1 timma och hamnade i Toremolini. Bra hamn och trevligt område.. Dock som Lagos med massor av Engelsmän.
10-07-13 S, 10m/s   2349nm Mother/Elvis "has left the building" - she is on her way to Sweden after 2 weeks and 2 days on Freedom. It has been crazy funny. Me and Riley is continue tomorrow long Costa De Sol.
10-07-14/18 , m/s   nm Almerimar and the "Hunt for Snow". This was were we rented a car and drove up into the mountains trying to find the snow we had seen from the ocean the day before. We got sooooo close, but the roads were to dangerous and we were running out of daylight, so we erred on the side of caution and gave up. We did find a beautiful mountain water creek and took a dip! It was so cold, clean and refreshing. Our car trip finished in Geneva, where we stayed in Hotel Abba! Hee Hee, that was impromptu. It was great. They had AC, a big bed and a bath tub. Heaven!!!! The next day we explored Geneva a little and then drove back to drop off the car in Almeria. It was a long bus ride back to Amerimar. We lived the life of luxiory and payed to have our laundry done while we were gone - that was sooooo nice. They only charged 20 Euro for a huge bag. Almerimar was a good experience. We hung out and waited for the right winds to continue the sail. /R

Innan vi kom fram till Almerimar så stannade vi till vid en hamn mellan Malaga och Almerimar. Där fick vi problem med Polisen igen. Först i Malaga och nu här! Va fan ska de va så strikta och arga? Vi stannade 1 timma för att äta och laga kicktaljan som lossnat--- Båten faller i bitar.

Spaniens billigaste hamn och största! Kostade under 20E natten och de hade special priser för månader och år. Vi funderade verkligen på att stanna här för vintern. Bergen kan man åka skidor på och vid båten sola. Italien och grekland lockar dock och vi fortsatte senare. Men först hyrde vi bil och stannade i denna hamn 5 dygn.

10-07-19 , m/s   nm

Today we found a natural harbour to hang out in. It was lovely. There were just a few other boats and it was by far the best snorkling we've had so far. We saw these small cobalt blue fish, they swam is schools, and were only 1.5 inches long. There were quite a few bright orange starfish. It was so neat to hold them and feel them suction onto your hand. I was being stalked by a small fish, he was following me like a puppy. As I swam he swam, when I stopped, he stopped and stared at me. This went on for 20min or more. While I was swimming back to the boat I got stung by a jellyfish. It was small but it still hurt - kinda kool! Kalle swam ahead of me on out way back to the boat and was on the look out for more jellyfish - good thing too - he spotted one a couple feet away, this time it was much larger, with a diameter of 6 inches. Back on the boat we ate a little supper then decided that due to the wind direction this harbour was not going to work for anchoring over night - and we wanted to push further along the coast. So we took down the anchor sail, and pulled up the anchor and took off around 5pm.

After so long without a night sail we both agreed that we didn't want to put ourselves though that, especially with no autopilot. So we stopped at a small harbour- Carboneras. There was deisel pontoon that was closed, we moored there and planed on explaining that we needed to buy fuel when it opened in the morning - if anyone hastled us. We went to bed early. It was hot onboard and Kalle decided to sleep up on deck until he felt secure that we weren't going to get in trouble for being there. A couple hours later another boat showed up. They too were headed towards Alacante, and moored beside us on the deisel pontoon. There is security in numbers, so Kalle felt much better and came down to bed. We were up early the next morning and sailed away with the sunrise . . . sneaky! /R

Castilo De San Pedro var ett mycket bra snorkings område. Riley blev bränd av en Manet. Vi såg mycket fina fiskar. Jag matade dem med Sjöborrar. Våran första Sjöstjärna såg vi i denna vik. Efter 3 timmar av snorkling flyttade vi båten till Carboneras. Vi kom sent och behövde Diesel. Väl framme var det stängt och dieselområdet var inhängnat. Vi kände oss trygga här efter att en annan Spansk båt la till bredvid oss. Vi la oss innan solen gick ner.
10-07-20 , m/s   nm

The early monring start was a good idea the wind was not exactly in our favor the next day, and it was very, very hot. We sailed till we reached Cabo de Polos, the Garmin plotter showed the symbol for harbour but it turned out to be a "private" marina - and had no facilities (shower/toilets). But the man at the office was nice enough to say that we could dock along side the restaurant pier for max 3 days free! Sweet! So that's what we did. Now, I was thankful to be moored and put up the awning to give us shade and relief from the heat but I needed a shower so bad. We hadn't had a shower since Alacante. The good thing was Kalle did have the water pump inpromptu fixed. But we had to be a team, where one person flicked the switch on and off to avoid overpressurizing the pump while the other used the onboard "shower". Prior to this we were using waterbottles on the deck to wash, but seeing as there was people dining 8 ft away this didn't feel like the most appropriate decision. :) I had a minor melt down. These things happen on a sail boat . . .

After we were cleaned up, and had sipped a gin and tonic, we went out for diner. It was delicious and our server knew Swedish. Lovely place, we both recommend it - and you can't been the docking fees :) As long as your boat has a shower. /R

Låg i en hamn gratis! Skulle tanka och frågade om vi kunde ligga här. Han sa att det är fullt och en privat marina. Många många gånger är gästhamnarna en privat marina. Men vi kunde ligga mot restuarng piren gratis i max 3 dygn. Cabo de Polos var namnet.
10-07-22 , m/s   nm This morning we were up early and very motivated to get to Alacante. It was a welcomed overcast sky

Vi stannade i dyra Alicante i 2 dygn. Kostade oss 100E!!!! Dyrt som F##¤ . Staden var ok, men blev erbjuden Cocaine och det var allmänt för mycket turister och svenskar runt om här.

10-07-23 NEE, 15m/s   nm Villlaojrosa
Villaojrosa är hamnen med det stora "FUCK" skrivet under sig. Vi behövde åka in i denna hamn för vinden ökade från 4ms till 15ms och mycket snabbt. Erfarenheten med Spanska hamnar har varit delad och flera gånger har de varit fulla och vi har behövt vänt. Nu kunde vi inte vända, plus att vinden var så hård i hamnen att cirkulerar runt i låg hastighet var omöjligt. Jag tog beslutet att köra till en stenpir och lägga till där tills vinden mojnat lite. De lokala fiskare som fanns vid sina båtar nickade och förklarade att vi kunde flytta båten lite och där stanna under hela helgen om vi ville. Upp mot 20 personer medgav att detta var stället som vi kunde invänta bättre vindar. 5 minuter efter att de flesta fiskare lämnat hamnen kom en officerare och varnade att vi inte kunde vara där. Hamnen verkar full tyckte vi och det var för starka vindar att flytta båten. Vi hade ju också fått medgivande att vara här. nej, vi skulle flytta omgående. De kvarvarande fiskare blev stridiska när jag förklarade vad han hande sagt. De tyckte jag skulle stanna, men icke. Jag behövde flytta. Så de var snälla och pratade med marinan och marinana lovade att möta upp med kunnigt personal vid en av hamnplatserna. Sagt och gjort vi började flytta båten (med officerarens arga blick). 5kn hade vi utan motorns kraft och vinden tog oss mot andra båtar. jag styrde in och där fanns INGEN! Jag tog beslutet att åka närmare kontoret och då kom de springade och vevade med armar. Det var försent och vinden gjorde att jag inte kunde svänga åt babord.... Jag var fast! Körde in och parkerade mot en motorbåt och försökte med hjälp av hans sida ändra båten så jag hade vinden i nosen och flytta båten. De folk som skulle vara på plats gjorde hela uppgiften horribel och efter deras instruktionmer att jag måste lämna denna plats fastnade mitt roder i en ankar lina. Vi kunde inte dra oss framåt eller bakåt. En spanjor skrek i mitt öra om vad jag ställt till med och de andra skrek "Puta Madre" vilket de flesta vet vad det är. 1 timme senare var vi loss och jag Riley var helt slut. Vi var arga och ledsna för hur de flytta runt oss och allt blev bara kaos. Jag gjorde allt jag kunde, ropa upp på VHF, pratade med lokala förmågor och så vidare.. Men fan va fel det blev och jag visste att man ska inte parkera en båt i dessa starka vindar hur som helst. Vi stannar här idag och drar vidare imorgon. Hittat ett ställe med pool och spa.