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  Dates and Time Weather and Wind Pressure Distance made (total) Some text about what happend on Freedom this day
10-06-13 N, 6m/s   1624nm Arrive in LA CORUNA!! One more milestone is done! A dream come true! If you read sailing books about this kind of trips you know that La Coruna is a must for a good stop! Its 15.30 and we have sailed for 52h non stop. We are all so tired, I my self probelby slept 5h in total for 2,5days and its time to relax alittle. The boys need to find a good planticket home, but first some food. O, we have seen over 100 DOLPFINS during this sail over!!
10-06-14 NW, 9m/s   1624nm Woke up, boys are flying home! It has been a great time together, no one regret anyting it has been wild! The night before we eate on a Tapas Bar! A big big plate of MEAT! To the food we hade a bottle of Rioja, its great, we are just a fue hours car drive from the region of Rioja and here we drinking thers wine! When the boys found a flight ticket they joined us and had some food and we all bought one more bottle of Rioja. 09 aclock they left us this moring, we are now alone again. We have so much problems to fix in the boat, but still we could sleep in 1,5h more after they left. Now we fixed electrical problem, 220v from the dock to the boat. My autopilot needs to get welded on and its time to stop write in this logbook and got this done. Riley is doing dishes and dances to Country Music. Its great beeing in SPAIN!!!! !!!! !!!

We woke up early and were on top of our game.  The last few times we tried to connect the electrical the cord wasn’t working (the salt water is messing with the connection terminals).  So today Kalle remembered to bring in the extension cord to avoid damage.  I made lunches because we still can’t use the stove (we can’t get the gas tank filled in Spain!) and being bellow deck, if it’s rough, makes me feel sick.   We set off around 7:00 am.  All was good till 20min out of the harbour.  Just as we rounded the corner of the mouth of the Bay entering the Atlantic.  All I heared was “Oh No!!”.  I look back to see Kalle grabbing a rope and trying to stop the whole radar stand from falling completely into the water!  The rope was tangled, he wasn’t teathered, the main sail was up, the waves were strong and so was the wind.  I took over the abandoned steering wheel and tried to gently roll the boat over the waves to avoid slamming the back end.  Kalle fought and fought.  The radar slipped further underwater!  Finally after 15 min of struggling he was able to pull it out of the water and it slammed against the wind rudder.  He secured it as it lay.  We hastly took down the sails and then without much talk turned back to La Coruna.  At one point Kalle did say “It’s over!” . . . .but during the 20 min it took to get back to the pontoon he better assessed the situation and said “NO! It’s not over, we still have our GPS signal. We can fix this!”
Back at the dock we saw that all that remained holding the radar on was one solitary screw!
When we got back to the marina Kalle said that’s it.  I’m going to the office and they are going to help us!!!  We need at least the Auto Pilot fixed (don’t forget that on day 1 of the Biscay crossing that the Auto Pilot broke.  The mounting hardware that controls the ruder position ripped apart! We needed 2 new plates made and a mounting bracket foot re-welded)
So after 2 days of La Coruna Marina telling us “Maybe we can help . . . give us a day . . . it will take 14 days . . .  then finally no we can’t help”  Kalle marched up to the office and told them of the seriousness of our situation.  The woman at the front office finally caved to our desperation and secretly phoned a competitors marina in Sada (across the bay).  She also helped us arrange a rental car, and by 12 noon we were driving (with a shitty map and a glimmer of hope) to Sada (20 min away)
We found the place and by 1pm the owner was an ally who was willing to help.  He took the broken pieces and even offered to bring them to La Coruna for us when they were fixed (thinking we had taken the bus).  We explained we had a car and would return at 7pm as instructed. 
In the mean time we found a camping stove! Sweet!!! And did a little deserved sightseeing – Kalle felt the force and found his way back to Sada via the mountains and one lane crazy words.  
So till 1am Kalle busted his finger tips re-installing the auto pilot.  It turned out great!  I cooked our first hot meal on the boat in a week!  Love my new stove!  And we slept for 6 hours returned the rental car, took showers and then left La Coruna!!!!!

10-06-17 N 8ms   1733nm

Today we were going to push ahead and go all night but exhaustion is setting in.  So we erred on the side of caution and spent the night in a small fishing village with a guest harbour.  There was siren/horn that sounded every half hour or so . . . . but we were so tired we didn’t hear it while sleeping.  Must have been to do with the fishing industry.  We arrived there just after midnight but it was well lit and easy to find in the dark (Plus, it stays light till almost 11pm now!) We left La Coruna at noonish and in the 12hrs of sailing we covered ???? nm.

Sailed to Portosin, still in Spain. Tomorrow Porto.

10-06-18 N 8ms   1846 nm

We are cruising down the Atlantic coast of Spain and Portugal.  So breathtakingly beautiful.  We both agreed that this is by far the most fabulous coast we have seen in the world so far.  It’s layer after layer of hazy green pyramid shaped mountains. Sprinkled with little fishing villages.  We’re running the motor b/c there’s no wind.  It’s soooo hot!  LOVELY!  FINALLY!  I want to jump in the water!  Only way it could be better is if the dolphins came to say “hi”.  Our destination is a marina beside Porto.  We’ll arrive after midnight tonight and plan on going to Porto and being tourists tomorrow.

We were both repeatedly thankful the Auto Pilot is fixed!!!!!!