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10-06-21     1903nm

Now we have problem with the engine. Alge-growt in the diesel tanks. After shift two filters it still didnt work good. Tryed to find the problem in the diesel hooses and after that try I have to much air in the system. So now it does not want to start. A mekanik pro is showing up at 10 tomorrow morning,. Me and Riley will rent a car and get away from the Boat.

Oh, we are in "Figueira Da Foz", Portugal.

10-06-25       A speciallist arrive to the boat and for 2,5 hours he was breathing the enginee for air pockets. And now it starts!! I was screeming of happness! But still, I cant get speed... hum. They found a broken wire. We do have diesel problems, but it was not realy the problem in the first place. He will come back tomorrow at 09 with a new wire.
10-06-26       Mekanic arrived 11aclock with a new wire (that actually was the problem in the first place), now the horcepower-wire is installed and we can now use the motor for its full power again. We rushed for the diesel 1km away (gas station was closed in the harbour). Its time to leave this un-lucky habour. At 13 we were on the ocean! Cloudy but warm.
10-06-27       We did a nightsail! Plan was first to just go to a closer harbour and sleep for 3h and then go to Cascais but after seeing how well the weather it was we continued and did a 16h streetch. Arriving in Cascais 04 in the morning (and once more we had dolphins with us). Here they wanted us to pay for this night on arrivel but we could stay on arrive-pontoons and save a day-cost. Here it cost 38E!!! a night. On the moring they asked for ship-papers and what I gave them they didnt like and we had to move the boat (we are soon picking up my mom), we found Port Oeiras and here they welcome us with opend arms! We moved the boat inside the harbour 3 times before they were happy with were we gona stay for 2 days. Rushed for a shower and they on trains to get to my mom (we sleept 3-4h that day).
10-06-28     2008nm My mom is here! After alot!!!-of changing trains we meet up with here halfway. It was a tired mom we met, but a happy one. We took a taxi last km so we could get McDonalds drivein. At 01 we were sitting in the boat eating hamburgers and drinking a Gin/Tonic. Its good having my mother here with us! This morning we woke up at 10.00 and it was the longest sleep-in in a whyle. Today im filling up Gas for the stove, Riley is now walshing some cheets and soon we go to the beach! We leaving this harbour at 03.00 tomorrow morning heading for Largos and its 100nm to this harbour. Plan is to stay there for a day and on Wendsday leave towards Cadiz.

We set off from Port Oeiras this morning early. The moon and stars were still bright in the sky. But we were excited. Today we are doing a big "jump" and as long as the Ocean cooperated we would round the southern tip of Europe on the Atlantic coast, and start our Eastern leg towards the mouth of the Meditteranean. OMG!!! So kool.

But as the moon faded away, and the sun peaked out from behind some clouds we found that today would be a windless foggy day. We had a working auto pilot, so we took turns on watch and enjoyed the beauty of a slow day. There were some stressfull moments though . . . fog can be deseving. I thought we had a farely good amount of visibility. Kalle and I were both reading, but looking up every 10 min or so to make sure the path was clear. Then all of a sudden out of no where was another sailboat - it was to our right, and at most 10 feet away. The captian was below deck and it was like a ghoast ship in the fog. It took an hour to catch our breath after being so close to a collision. The crazy part was the fog tricks you into thinking you can see further than you can. Normally, a boat would have radar. But since the morning in La Coruna when the radar mast fell off the back of the boat we couldn't re-install the radar. Monica had brought parts to fixt the radar mast, but it wasn't fixed yet. So we were blind other than the Garmin plotter with charts and the GPS (AIS) system which will show other registered boats positions - but not all boats are registered.

We got closer and closer to the southern tip . . . but could still see no land. Closer and closer, and the fog got thicker and thicker. The fog had that erie pink, yellow colour from the setting sun. All three of us were on pins and needles trying to see the lighthouse. It was less that 2n/m away. We should see it. Next thing you know you hear a loud horn sounding from the direction of land. This is the lighthouse. So still blind we round the cape using our ears rather than our eyes. The wind starts to pick up and the fog lifts we try to catch our breath. Then as we start heading a north along the Eastern coast the wind really starts to pick up. We could see the fog heavy behind the cliffs. Land was protecting us. Kalle makes the decision that we will spend the night in an anchor bay, rather than contiuing to Lagos. So we anchor for the first time on this summer's adventure. The plotter has an anchor drag alarm that will sound if it senses the boat moves greather than the setpoint entered. The wind is strong and the boat is moving quite aggressively. The alarm sounds and you can clearly see we've slipped. Kalle re-secures the anchor. And we try to all go to sleep. Kalle opts to sleep up on deck and keep an eye on our position. But Monica and I are encouraged to find our beds. What a good captain. What a crazy leg in the journey. I'll tell you, that was one of those mornings when it was easy to wake up with first light. We were all happy to be lifting the anchor and continuing to Lagos. /R

10-06-30     2163nm

We are in Lagos! Nice old town it remains of a Slave Market. We tryed to sell my mom,.. but she is still here. 2nd of July we sail to Spain again! 75nm is planned.

10-07-01     2163nm

Lagos is very touristy and hot! Today is Canada Day. To celebrate we are planning a beach BBQ! So the three of us head to the beautiful sand beach in the evening with a small bbq, some sausages, a homemaid Greek salad and a few beers. Kalle gave it a good go, but once situated we started questioning whether or not this was legal . . . and just to add to the challenge, the wind was strong. He got the sausages cooked without being arrested and we saluted Canada and Portugal with a big Cheers.

When we got back to the boat Kalle did a visual check on the autopilot and to our horror one of the "feet" is once again broken off. We cannot use the auto pilot or we will twist and rip it like on the Biscay. We hope that in Cadiz there will be a mobile welder who can come aboard and tack it back on . . . . This is more than frustrating! /R