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PÅSKALLAVIK Sweden - 0 nm Påskallavik is a realy nice place and for now the home for FREEDOM. This is were we have been planing and make her ready for this big trip. Our place is NR 1 and that must be the best nr for our boat! smile
UTKLIPPAN Sweden - 87 nm Utklippan is a well protected harbour outside far from mainland. No wind directions will be bad for a boat that is alreay inside. Only time it can be bad is when to do an entrance and you have a strong side wind. But there is 2 diffrent entrances.
ALLINGE Bornholm, Germany - 54 nm  
KIEL Germany - 168 nm  
BRUNSBUTTEL Germany - 52 nm  


Germany - 17 nm  
NORDDEICH Germany - 61 nm  
DELFZIJL Nederlands - 21 nm  
MASTROUTE Nederlands - 219 nm


AMSTERDAM (inside)



VEERE- (islands, no fee)

with BBQ facilites



    Berättelse från en båt: Link
RAMSGATE England - 80 nm

Ramsgate is a seaside town on the Isle of Thanet in east Kent, England. It was one of the great English seaside towns of the 19th century and is a member of the ancient confederation of Cinque ports. It has a population of around 40,000. Ramsgate's main attraction is its coastline and its main industries are tourism and fishing. The town has one of the largest marinas on the English south coast and Port Ramsgate has provided cross channel ferries for many years.

EASTBOURNE England - 70 nm

Enjoy Eastbourne’s Blue Flag beaches, world-class marina, restored Victorian pier and excellent sunshine record.

BOURNMOUTH England - 85 nm is a large town and tourist resort, situated on the south coast of England. With a population of 164,000 it is the largest settlement in the ceremonial county of Dorset, and was within the historic boundaries of Hampshire. The town is a regional centre of education and business, and forms the main part of the South East Dorset conurbation, with the adjoining town of Poole. It is also the largest town on the English south coast between Southampton and Plymouth.
FALMOUTH England - 120 nm

WEBCAM, Falmouth is a harbour town on the south coast of cornwall famous for sailing, tourism and commerce. With its proximity to sheltered and unsheltered waters, Falmouth has long been a popular boating and water sports location. Solo yachtsman Robert Manry crossed the Atlantic from Falmouth, Massachusetts to Falmouth, Cornwall from June-August 1965 in the thirteen and a half foot Tinkerbelle - this was the smallest boat to make the crossing at the time. The town was the location for the 1998 Tall Ships' Race in which approximately ninety Tall Ships set sail for Lisbon, Portugal. It also saw total coverage of the total eclipse of the sun at 11:11am on 11 August 1999 where the eclipse lasted just over two minutes — the longest duration in the UK.

PORTO Atlantico Portugal - 570 nm General - Marina Porto Atlantico is in the town of Leixos on the W coast of Portugal. It is the best port of refuge on this stretch of coast and can be entered in almost any weather.

Position - 41º 11' N 8º 42' W

Reference port - Lisbon
Mean time differences - HW: -15 minutes ±10 ; LW: +5 minutes ±5
Heights in metres -
3.5 2.7 1.3 0.5

Charts - British Admiralty 3634, 254 Portuguese 23202, 24201

Approach & Entrance;
From the south - The mass of buildings of Porto can be seen from afar and the harbour at Leixoes lies 2 miles NW.
From the north -
The oil refinery, 1.5 miles to the N of the harbour is easy to identify by day or night. Give the outer breakwater a berth of 1 mile. There are shoals 200m off the seaward side of the breakwater and obstructions off its end.
To enter -
Enter between the breakwaters on a course of 350º. The marina, which lies in the N of the harbour, will be visible after passing the inner breakwater.

Berths - Secure to the reception pontoon, to port on entry. Report to the marina office.

Marina Contact ;
Tel - 229 964 895
Fax - 229 964 899
Email -
VHF Ch - 62
CANARY ISLANDS Spain- 810nm the busy sailing season (November to February) is starting in the Canaries. Winter charters in the Canaries will give you a great climate, constant trade winds without too many storms and some beautiful islands to visit. The Atlantic swell can create some problems hence the swell conditions are included in the Canaries weather reports. The swell looks most fearsome when creating up to 8m waves crashing on the islands' rocky coastlines. There are dangerous lee shores on the northwestern coasts of the islands where there are few harbours or sheltered anchorages to take cover. Also in some of the old fishing harbours you need good fenders and fender boards when tying alongside a quay. The swell is so severe in some of these old harbours that even the rugged fishing boats are hauled out of the water. The tidal range between neaps and springs is about 1.1m to 2.2m around the islands, which is less than in some North Sea harbours. Some of the old Canaries harbours have installed floating docks and pontoons, which makes tying up in a swell a lot easier. The new marinas make life even easier for the cruising sailor by providing excellent protection from the swell, floating pontoons and a wide range of services. In addition to the winter charter boats around the Canaries and visiting yachts there are also the transatlantic voyagers who stop off at the islands for provisioning just as Columbus did over 500 years ago. The modern stopover place is at Las Palmas (Gran Canaria) particularly in November at the start of the ARC's annual Atlantic rally when some 250 yachts assemble at the starting line
CAPE VERDE - 800nm
On approaching Sao Vincente and Sao Antao from the NE be aware of the compression zone between the islands and be prepared to reef quickly, typically winds can be accelerated from 10 to 25 knots. The rock/light marks the entrance to Mindelo bay. Anchor in about 5 metres.

This is a well sheltered anchorage with all round protection. Even when the prevailing north easterlies were gusting to 40 knots there was no fetch to speak of.

There is also a small pontoon with room for 6/8 boats berthed stern/bow to. A locking gate provides security. There is water but no electricity on the pontoon. Prices were steep at US $40 per day for a 38' yacht.On approaching Sao Vincente and Sao Antao from the NE be aware of the compression zone between the islands and be prepared to reef quickly, typically winds can be accelerated from 10 to 25 knots. The rock/light marks the entrance to Mindelo bay. Anchor in about 5 metres.You must clear in and out of individual islands within the Cape Verdes chain. This involves a trip to both immigration and the port police in Mindelo, not an arduous process but the police insisted on keeping the original ship's papers for the duration of our stay. One thing the clearing process did provide was the opportunity to observe the good old typewriter at work - I could not recall the last time I'd seen one in action
St Lucia - 2070nm