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Leaving my home harbour! The Adventure has started!! 15th of July 06:10
In this Photo from the left: Christian, Kenneth, Me and Per (mother to the Captain is on the sun deck)
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Part one of this trip and we are 5 sailors.
Have just past Kalmar! Here is the bridge and the castle!
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Tired new sailors, Lucky for them they dont hold hands also.... For I have camera "muahahaha". (took this one just 5min ago)
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Here we have our new sailor in hard training, the 1st Mate is holding the training program...
Old sea mark. I liked the flowers on this bush. To bad the sun was not up at this time.
Adjusting the windroder. Didnt go so well this first try. Will have more time on the Biscaya.
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Morning at Utklippan. We began this morning with some breakfast on the pier. Now its time to set sail and heading for Denmark.
We have now arrived at Utklippand, with Internet you can see my boat true my AIS.
Utklippan in the background. I am holding the rodder and Per is looking up and follow the direction of our WindEx.
Per is surfing with his Latino look. We have now been "sailing" (with main sail up and motor running) for 3 hours.
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