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2nd of August
Trying out my Sisters new glases!
My mom infront of the new deck area. The house has aslo made a big change. Its now soft-yellowish and white. Before it was yellow and brown.
After a fue hours of bbq with my family, me and Riley started the long drive to the Forsmark Nuclear station. We stoped in Edsbruk (were I found out that my herritage is from- Holmström family). This pics is a mill-stone that they made to a rest-stop table.
This is a normal Swedish road- forest and more forest.
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Its 22.00 and just 10 minutes left to the station... soon there. 6 hours of driving.
A fox stoped at the road and didnt want to move.
Riley got the side window down and took this shot. 3 feet away.
3rd of August
When Im working, Riley are reading.. But when she is bored she do walks around the station... here is some pics.
This is how contractors live when it is an outage.
4th of August
Forsmark 1, 2 and in the right corner #3.
On our way to Uppsala
5th of August
6th of August
Forsmarks Bruks By. The nuclear station has bought this old Blacksmith area. Now we are heading for a dinner with my collegues.
Axelsson, Fredrik, Me.... Riley, Plyschen, Frasse.
7th of August
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