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5th of May 2012
Taking the sails down
6th of May 2012
Wish you good winds
Ok, take it easy.........
Mast is safe
Much work
7th of May 2012
No mast. No radar mast, no sprayhood..... empty

The mast is rapt in plastic, ready for germany

8th of May 2012

Look what sits on Carls stroller. We left the stroller out for a fue hours, and on the way for dinner.............
Greatest malth if seen. "Mal" in swedish
French/Dutch ribs
9th of May 2012
My Corsican knife. Im using it to cut cheese. Its made of Goat horn.
They didnt show up to pick the boat up, so we have the rental car, and are now driving around the harbour looking at birds.
Look, flamingos
Boats in background
Best one
South Europe biggest beach. We are driving on it
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