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Viktiga datum
Äventyrs galleri
Min båt
Besökande gäster
Livet på båten
Kartor och rutter
Hur man kan följa med
Vart är jag nu
Varför jag seglar
19th of April 2012
Goodbye day for us. Stina, Charlie, Carl and Riley
Carl likes moneys. His nan, Deb, she likes moneys too.
Its so much fun with water
Charlie and Stina
This "river" was fun. Carl liked taking this rappid route.
20th of April 2012
ITALY!! We are back! Lots of work await us. the 23rd we hope we are ready.
Sails and cloths are everywere. Also the electrical does not work, and some musty spots needs to dry and get cleaned out.
Carl like the space. Its in his liking, he now does not feel so small and can stand up everywere holding him self.
Softer flooring in the cockpit. Carl can now crawl and play here too.
Riley is making our first dinner on the boat, italian style.
21th of April 2012

Carl is back on the boat and enjoy a bath, perfect happy day.

After another long day, we are ending the day by going to a Pizzeria. Riley is having "4 formaggi" I have "Diavola".
And here there are. mmmmmm. Updating homepage and eating in the same time
22th of April 2012
Back in the captain caben. He is all over the boat.
Bath in the cockpit again
Clean boat.
Tomorrow we sail
Carl wants to play more, than eat. tricky
23th of April 2012
Birdnest by the boat
Its 06.50 time to leave
The bridge opend 07.05, 5min late
Carl has a own bed in the saloon. Here we can see him from the cockpit, and hear him from our bed.
First bridge and second bridge, we are now ready for the ocean
Carl wakes up grumpy
Riley and Carl, main land in background
Riley is seasick, so both get on the cockpit floor and sleep for 1,5h.
We follow mainland
Guys on watch, we just sa DOLPHINS . Carl sa one!!
Dolphins, we are so happy
Big boats on anchor

Carl has adjusted easy to the life onboard. Here he is taking a bath and is doing well with all the waves that rocks the boat. His bed has a secure net, he cant roll over.

The harbour is sighted.
Carl wants to be first on land
Mainland, 20min before landing
Why not live in a fortrest?
Here is the old town
Were are here! Cavo Gabia.... Nice place
Next is Elba
24th of April 2012
Its 6.20, I wake up to soft gale. Its 10m/s outside
Just look at the flag..........
lets go for a snack and think about what to do today
The marina has good facilitys, and ofcourse they have wine,.
We desided to do a walk to old town
Fort nr2 or 3?
Second time we 3 have been at this gate, last time it was in october 2011
Goto love Italy
green in April
This bike got fished up from the harbour, just when we had a bite to eat- 6months ago when we were here, and it still is here.
forts. Its from the Spanish occupation
Small streets
Differents in colour
openings, and the streets go up up up
Great flower smell
We had to carry the stroller many times, or drag it.......
Our harbour is way over there, our mast is the first from the cliff side

Stone side with wounders

Riley looks out over the bay
We arrived at the top of the cliff and the fortrest, and there was a garden.
Back down, time to eat
Well, pizza again. I love pizza in europe!
No wounder it tastes good
"Biätare" Wow, never seen time in real life. And here they are, lots !
Can I keep one? Please
Carl liked the day on land, look were they store peoples boats, around Olive trees... why not
Hope we have better luck tomorrow and we can sail closer to France.
25th of April 2012
Start early, 5 we are up and ready to go.
Now we leave the fortrests around Obertello and take sail north again
Fishingboat, seems they got a good catch,
Sun is slowly coming up
They waves is breaking in, waves is digging down this sailingboat.
The cruisship that got sunk
Another fishingboat, we had to make a turn, his lines was out and we could see metal lines in the water,
Close up of the big fuckup.
Colder for them, but we go with the wind and we dont need jackets
Carl wants food. Mamma is giving him Gröt. Freedom is warming up
24 degrees
Closer to Elba, mainland behind this small island.
More fluffyness in the background, but we still have a blue sky.
This is Elba. The ferry passing by in high speed, all in all we had 4 ferryes passing us,
Entrance to the bigges harbour in Elba
We have arrived in Elba. Nicer harbour is hard to get
Here is the entrance.
So far: 4209nm since sweden. Today we did 45nm, and from rome first day 54nm.
Carl has found a "car" in his size
Our harbour
Time for food again
I like my beer
Back to the boat
One more stop?
26th of April 2012
Time to wake up he says. We are moving slowly today. Try to find some more charts, fill up the boat and then go. Mayby Corsica or another Tuscan island............
Time to go. Me and Carl took a walk and bought bread and charts for Corsica. Mamma cleaned and 10.00 we took off
Flags: Canada, club flag, and flag of Elba. A statue from the cliff side of Elba.
The fort side.
Elba loos good from the sea side
A Bumbelbee has landed. We are between Elba and Corsica and this small insect wants to land and rest alittle. This meens luck by us sailors... Note his flying shaddow by the fenders.
Crazy, he dont know if he wants to land or not.
They promis us 8m/s but when we are out here in the big sea we are in a gale. 10-15m/s. Strong winds made me chose to handsteer, 5h later it still was strong winds. But Corsica was close and we could finaly moor in a small harbour.
Carl always finds a place to sleep at, this time by the hatch.
It was a long fight. Its hard to take a photo that shows 2m waves and so strong winds, but it was not so fun. Finaly in land we can all smile about it. Thank the lord that we got help by a number of french people when we arrived, 11 tons is hard to pull when the wind wants to take the boat away from the peer.
The boats are heavy and we all needed to help to pull them close to shore
A beer taste good now. Safe in harbour, carl is sleeping, and we are updating the homepage. See you tomorrow
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