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Min båt
Besökande gäster
Livet på båten
Kartor och rutter
Hur man kan följa med
Vart är jag nu
Varför jag seglar
27th of April 2012
Carl is a real sailor
No, just ice cream and béer
Getting ready for tomorrow, we are renting a car
A pause
Great food, atlast
rose and red, the restaurants own made
Riley loved these one´s
28th of April 2012
The morning, the fog is rolling in
The fog is thick. We are waiting for the bus, that never showed,. We had to take a cab, 70+48 euro, so crazy more expensive.
Road side, the summer is here. We now have a rental car.
I like my birds
We stopped everywere, so much to see in every corner!! More photos will come, like 100 more or so.
Hunt for the snow, part2? No, no more driving high up after snow.
Pizza again
Nicest gasstation iv been to,
Can you see all 3 fishes?
Its fun with animals. This is new for Carl and he wants to make friends.
cows everywere.
my favorit pic this day
good roads
A high point, in the back is the west coast
Corsicans and Sardinians are all the same when it comes to shoot road signs.
Chestnuts tree, and a catolic graveyard.
waterfall and a nother mountain village
carl is kissing himself, our view from hotelroom
christofer columbus lived here. One vaiter told me that he was from here, then one woman from Geua interuped and said that he was not! He was from Genua... Then the conversation changed to French and it got hotter. I was standing in the middle of an old disegrement. I interuped them and made fun about the hole thing: "You are from Calvi, you are from Genua, and me, from Sweden. We can be sure thought, that Columbus was Not from Sweden". They all smiled and the conversation was over.
Carl is eating bread. Its 21,00 and he is tired.
I had Lamb, best I have ever have, great great meat. Riley had Paella.
Carl picked this one "Teddi". Time for sleep and tomorrow we will drive slowly back to the dropoff zone.
29th of April 2012
Breakfast before driving back
We did laundery the last hour, so we had to just see this fort from the outside. Its impressive!
On the way back
Poopy bum
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