Matlagning ombord
Viktiga datum
Äventyrs galleri
Min båt
Besökande gäster
Livet på båten
Kartor och rutter
Hur man kan följa med
Vart är jag nu
Varför jag seglar
Just a fue days more, then we are on the boat. This week it has been hektic, the house needed to be revalued by our realestate agent... So the boat-trip got alittle bit a side, but now we are focus and ready to set sail!
Fist we had a goodbye BBQ party in our garden. Stina with cousin Charlie, my mom and dad.
Farmor Monica and Farfar Kenneth
They stayed until it was dark. The cousins talked to each other.
Now we are on the airport. We had to drive 02:30 in the morning. Here we sit eating a muffin, drinking a beer and Riley has a coffie with a suprice in it.
The airplane ride went well. Carl didnt cry much, can be for we have started to use formula 1/2 an day.
Second flight for Carl.
Riley took these photos. Its over the Alpes
Another airplane
You can see snow still on the mountains. We are now on the Italian side.
Venecia/venedig country
Carls 4th country (Canada, Denmark, Sweden, Italy): Welcome to Italy Carl!
We are now on the boat. It looks good. But Freedom has missed us!
Riley and I split a Sardinan Beer! Aaaa holyday!
Carl has the lookout hour.
Carls many faces.
We are on our way to buy a bath for him.. But for now this works.
"I like bricks" he says. Carl taked to the bricks. Farfar might train him to become a bricklayer?
We are now in the best pizzeria in Fuimicino town. After 2 beer and Pizza we are back at the boat for a sleep. Fun thing to say is that we have now seen that Carl likes Italian girls... He has been smiling every time they talk to him. Hum, is he going to marry a Italian? Hope she will be a rich one.. Note the pic to the left, he is sleeping on his favorite spot: dadys arm.
Set sail. 06.30 is the bridge opening! The mud under the boat made it stuck.. We had to winch us out with 2 different ropes.. Just when the last boat went under the bridge we got loose and could catch the only bridge opening this morning..
Planing next harbour, Riley gives a thumbs up.
The sun is going up atlast
Carl is awake after 12h of sleeping
No wind
A good warm day
Carl is hiding under the shaded area
Tonafish is hunting for smaller pray. They hunt in groups, here they force them to the top.
Here you can see the small fishes they hunt
Carls is cooling down
We follow the coastline
First time on the big Med.
More boats is out, 20min to enter the harbour
Old forts everywere
This is our harbour for 2 nights.
Carl is chillen, he is watching Jimmy Neutron.
Taxi drive to a old Spanish city.
Flee market
End of the morning, but still lots of people. Very cool anticitys
Carl found a chair he liked. Deb, we are thinking of you.
Nice day. Its a saltwater lake around this town,.
Other side of the lake
Good defence walls
Dinner time
Fruta de Mare
Home again on the boat.
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