Matlagning ombord
Viktiga datum
Äventyrs galleri
Min båt
Besökande gäster
Livet på båten
Kartor och rutter
Hur man kan följa med
Vart är jag nu
Varför jag seglar
We didnt catch any. But Peter looks happy
Beer in the sun. So warm
Thees flies were all over the boat. So many and strange, they didnt fly away when we tried to hit them
Loth Lorien is that name on the ship. JRR Tolkien?
It took us 36 hours before we got ourself to next harbour for sleep. Here we are in our 24th hour.
We didnt pay for entry this cannal. In the end we did. And it cost us 4.5 euro for the hole trip. That is cheap.
Firs lock towords Amsterdam. The hole trip takes 8 hours
Locks, and bridges. Some bridges opend strait up, some swings to the side and some slides totaly back in to the landside.
The country is very flat as many knows, but with smaller hills there is problems to see far. Iv read somewere that Holland has parts that is lower then 10 from the sea level.
We cant call his sunburn a full nice one. Hehe, red shoulders
How many do you see?
Here we eating a homemade potato soup.
Many many houses look like this. There must me alot of space inside.
This Tivoli is moving to different citys. They build up it like this on the streets for a fue days. Crazy.
Doing the Marenga, or is it Lambada, who knows. Here we waiting for the bridge to open.
Plyshen is away and shopping a guestflag and oil. We are stuck in the mud, couldnt get next to the dock since the mud is making it shallow. But with a big jump we could go ashore.
Best photo this day, or?
My Tattoo recognice this one.
Sällskapsresan SOS??
What a site!
Some of the windmills is a woodmill. Here you can see how they slide logs and on the left side is the result.
Green is a popelar color
A tired Captain, but a happy one!! We are now in AAAAAAMSTERDAM
If they dont answer on the VHF (channel 20 and some places 18) then you can use this speeker system. When there is a Red and Green lights litt you have to be standing ready. Green light you go inside. I have understand now that you can go inside even if the Red is still litt, for they are in a hurry and can get angry if you wait for the bridge to be fully erected.
Another submarine along the shore.
There is not just cargo ships in the cannals. Here we have one pleasure ferry.
(green line is were the boat has been) 1. Cuxhaven 2. Langroo 3. Almaar 4. Amsterdam
Thats it, there you have Amsterdam in a short version. smile