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Besökande gäster
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Vart är jag nu
Varför jag seglar
the famoust ARIEL IV
And here is his cake.
Christians birthday mission was to walk over to ARIEL with some of the birhtday cake. Everybody he pasted laught.
Here is the gang. To bad Per lost his hat that day.. It might be in the Taxi car.
We bougth a cake and a Bacardi to Bejan as a present. It looks like he likes it.
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Dill potatos, hotdogs, greek salad... What a feast.
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On our way to Kiel, then it started to get to much wind when it got dark, so back to Denmark for us.
DAY SIX (monday) - DENMARK
Strong winds, up to 17m/s when they top. About 15m/s is more often, so we stay in harbour for a day or 2 more. Now whe are watching Jurasic Park III. These photos is takend outside the pier were all the feries go out. We hare happy to be inside a big harobur.
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Kiel entrence
Its a nice evening
what a evening.
Bejan gives a salute to the Kiel channel, we hare prowed to arrive atlast.
Here you see a happy captain! My eyes are driping wet of happiness! This is one of my milestones and one more dream is forfilled.
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DAY EIGHT (wednsday) - GERMANY
Here she is, the channel! See the lightpost on the left side, that one tells when its time to go inside the channel or not. Important to follow the chef tower orders.
Are we going up yet?
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now the channel trip starts.
A boat, when it is its best.
Swans, Swans and more swans.
Christian see this boatname and I take a photo. I think its meens we got ourself a blessing from someone.
Look whats happends when you fall asleep.
We meet some Swedes going home. They ways happely to us! Same we do, this is beginning of a big adventure and for them its soon over.
Big ones.
Cool home, for an indian in the rainforest. Next picture is Bejan with a new bump mark when hitting his body against stuff at the boat.
Big ships is someting we see almost every 30min. Heavy trafic, but never a problem.
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This is how the gates to the Northsea and Elben looks like. You go up just a meter and then you are done.
Everywere someting happens, here we passes a young girl on a horse- she is not also in a hurry,.
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1. First harbour: UTKLIPPAN, 2. ALLINGE (BORNHOLM), 3. BARHÖFT, 4. RÖDBYHAMN, 5. KIEL, 6, BRUNSBUTTEL, 7. CUXHAVEN after 9 days at sea.
We are leaving with the tide, but I think we have a realy good spot longside a Nauticat 40 feet. You can see the differents in hight when compering boats like mine and this Najad. Still I have good hight alost everywere.
Old bricks, its actualy a culture mark for Germany. Here you can see how we do to connect the ropes to this floating "floors".
If you have the money to buy this sice, then you can also afford the petrolium for taking you somewere.
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Optemistjollar i vattnet.
Ok, its not a lie.. I have a lifewest under the jacket. smile. Im proud to be on the rver Elbe.
Fast way, not slow as my boat goes.. But we have a strong tide that brings the boat 8.9 knots.. So I should not complain.
On the way to Coxhaven.
We have folded the main sail great, and now we start cleaning all durty spots. My boat will shine. Next picture is a pole, 4 feet thick and you can see were the waterline has been before. The tide is 3,5m differents.
This is the harbour were we stay for a fue weeks. Cuxhaven
We see the German eagle everywere
This one is for you Riley, hope you like it.
Handmade. Good craftsmen
This cat lives in this VW store. Cool
Here is were she lies for now... Nice quite harbour.