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Viktiga datum
Äventyrs galleri
Min båt
Besökande gäster
Livet på båten
Kartor och rutter
Hur man kan följa med
Vart är jag nu
Varför jag seglar
10th of May 2012
Lifting the boat up
Carl has an guarding eye over the boat.
The propeller is still intact.
On its way
Ok, time to go.
These white horses is using for bullfighting, they are famous. Other picture is rice patches. Rice in Europe!
Like birds
First real stop: Grenoble.
Eat. Good moment
Roads to the Alps
Rescure practice
We were standing direct under it!
Hazel bushes. Mmm,
Now we are under it! Its blowing waterfall water at us. We are soked, but with 30 degreees out, its not so bad.
Mount Blanc. Europes highest mountain
Our hotel has the one and only view, mount Blanc.
11th of May 2012
I left Carl and Riley and took a Gondole, two times to get all the way up to the Monte Blanc. Im now 4800m over the sea.
We have now left Carmonix, and are driving for Switzerland. Its 30+ degrees and there is snow beside the road, crazy!
Nice view
Drinking fresh mountain water
City of Sion
Stone "Shiffer" roof.
Top of the world
Gardens on top of this city

Old castle, still in city Sion.

The top of the hill, Sion is below. Long walk back down to the car.
Seriously the cutest kid in the world! And such a great traveller! We are so lucky!
Now we are in Sion. What a treat. There are 2 castles up on seperate moutain tops overlooking the city.
Bowing the fluff off dandilions is fun!
Carl is inside the old church defence walls.
Riley has found some toalettes with this view.
Love the travel stroller
Typical village
We tryed to find a good Guesthouse here, but the prices was 80 Swis franks, per person... No thanks.
Looks like Dalarna, in Sweden
We stopped in a small village in the evening and Carl met some of the locals!
Time to change on Carl
Mountain water
Likes the water
A fresh spring in the village, a lovely place to cool off
Spring is blooming
Get loaded onto the train-ferry
The roads are blocked of Avelines, snow is blocking all roads. We are taking a train to get were we are going, so now the car is loaded on a TRAIN!!! Off we go
In a LOOOOOOOOONG tunnel, we were in blackness for over 30 minutes, we went under a hole mountain. We turned lights on so Carl could see
12th of May 2012
Morning at the hotel we stayed in.
View from our room, now its time to go to Lichenstein
This road was what they took not long time ago, we take a newer road
Just have to like waterfalls
The royal castle in Vaduz
We drove through this country in 20 min
We are now starting to look for hotel
This one?
We found one atlast. In Schwaz town. We are going to eat the REAL Snitzel now. Back later.
Towards late dinner
We are in Tyrolen land
Family is having a great time. Outside its 8 degrees celcius. On just one day it has changed from 34 degrees to 7.......!!
Cheese soup, and Jäger Snitzel
Same town, on our way back
Its 22.00, we need to find our way back to the hotel
This hotel is futuristic, and have a shower with glass doors.
13th of May 2012
Carl likes it, he can see me in the bed, and also play safley with his mom in the shower.
On the road again
This market we bougth Snapz... SNAPZ. What is the chances to by booz in a market. And, a weard guy was keep asking for samples, and starting to get rediculus how many samples he tryed, I would be hamered if I tryed so many snapz,. Finaly the seller said no, and they guy left to meet up with his angry wife and had a fist fight in the car, beside our car..... holy
This is so famoust for me, this is were Clint Eastwood was in a movie called "Where Eagles Dare",. All the times we watch this movie, Christian, I was thinking of you when we went up there.
Carl liked to wake up, being in a line-lift, and not in a Car
On the way to the top
Here I think they recorded the helicopter scen,.
Now we go towards the courtyard
Here is actually a poster, sponsored from a swedish fan
Falconer tools
Castle top
One way down or up to the mainbuilding
Time for the Falconeers to bring out the birds
To different Eagles, different sizes... Fighting over some meet, high up in the air
same again
Our hotel for today
Our view, a ravine. Its a road and a river trough this one and here the locals stopped Napoleon from crossing.
Beer time, soon a walk
Oh, he meet some friends when he woke up.
Soooo happy
evening walk
Austrian forrest
We are now down were the locals stopped Napoleon army. The big road was not there, that was a bigger rappid river. Only way was through the small tunnel, Steps outside took the defenders up to the "fort" and then even higher to a canon area.
Sleeping quaters and blackpowder storage.
High up.. I say "good luck, Napoleon"
14th of May 2012
The owners boy Oliver is playing with Carl
The Inn has 2 goats. Carl is feeding them
"Please I want to touch them"
Two new buddies
We are now in Czech republic
Look, a bird.. LOL
We reached Prague! Took only 6h. So why not, Carl has now been in 10 countrys!
Our hotel for the night
They have so much cool stuff, Carl starts playing strait away
Go for a walk, and then sleep. Lots to see tomorrow
Hotel View, Carl starts his Prague with a water game.
Here you cant be unhappy, hehe
The river
MEAT. This is smoked pork ribs, very heavy smoked, oh it tasted also alittle gamey, mayby Bore meat?
15th of May 2012
Breakfast in the weapon basement
Shopping presents
Astronomy tower
Road work, we have to use same tunnel as the meeting trafic
A break, by a lake
O yea
The transport will arrive tomorrow morning, time to move again. From Berlin to Travemunde
Long drive again. But now just an hour left
16th of May 2012
The transport made it. Now I just have to pay the final lift and masting.
My dad showed up with the ferry from Sweden. When helping us he meet an old coworker. The harbour captain was working on the docks in Honduras in the 70th´s, when my father was working on cargo tankers. He was loading Bananas when this Jörg worked there.
17th of May 2012
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