Matlagning ombord
Viktiga datum
Äventyrs galleri
Min båt
Besökande gäster
Livet på båten
Kartor och rutter
Hur man kan följa med
Vart är jag nu
Varför jag seglar


This is were I leave Middelburg, same day I desided to get more south. Crazy? well that is just me.
This Captain of the boat named "Vågspel" I meet 2 days earlyer. We drank heavly the night before. So that is funny that both of us desided to get moving more south.
I did this lock totaly by my self!!!! Im so prowed!
On the lock side Ousters is growing. You can start notis signs that Im getting closer to France coast.
I did 7 knots some times. This trip to Belgium took 3 hours.
Its warm, for beeing sooon October.
I like this photo. This ship is turning to its Port side and are ready to leave this Harbour of Zeebruge.
Zeebruge at 19:50
Morning Thé, its 6:00 and its time to get moving
I have left the Royal Yach club and this is what I see on the way out
All is well Lit
On the docks all seems to be automatic, the containors is unloding the ships by a non-man mashine
Well, this is what the Captain looks like 07:30 in the morning. - A happy one!!
Im not alone
Beside this one I have passed fishing aq, Oil platforms, ferries, tanks, other vessels.. and things floting in the water.
A hole city is shaping up after the foggy morning is loosing its grip.
This is my "Albatross". Now when I zoom in I can see what it is.. hehe
gas plant
Cando Reaktors? 6 of them and they go by pairs connected to a turbine
Cliffs of Calais! On the other side its the Cliffs of Dover.. IM IN FRANCE
As I remember it from my "tour around Europe- Car". I will check out this city more this time.
Here im lying on a bouyo waiting for the tide to turn. The guestharbour has a concrete heel to go over, I dont want my keel to get damage.