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Sail around the world is a crazy huge project and hard to grip. You say, well it is just to go sailing.. But how do you keep your chin up during all troubles that can happened and will this be a trip me and my boat rely can do? I have in a other subject talked about why I am a sailor and why long distance sailing should be my thing. This year, 2009 is a good year for starting a sailing in this kind of project size. I still work contract work during this year, but will be off for a few times this summer that will be concentrated for sailing down my boat to warmer waters. And FREEDOM is upgraded to a sharp Ocean vessel. Still I don’t have my own family and I don’t have to go to work every Monday morning – In short: This is perfect for starting a long sailing trip.
The Plan? I am happy for every more distance I succeed and will not see it as a failure if the boat will be moored in Portugal this winter, instead of crossing the Atlantic. For sail in waters outside the Baltic is still a big thing and not many sailors in my part of Baltic has sailed in English cannel and the Atlantic.
Then if that would be the case, my boat will be ready for the Mediterranean and not go sailing over the Atlantic. The summer of 2010 will be spent in Greece and surroundings, the big trip will be done another year in that case. But for now I just know that I want to spend my Christmas in the Caribbean and will do what ever I can to succeed. (I DIDNT)
Down below you will read about my plans and get plenty of information how to join and also roughly were you can find me in a certain date.

a: Påskallavik
b: Bornholm
d: Amsterdam
h: Canarie Islands
i: Cap Verde Islands
j: St Lucia
k: Trinidad and Tobago
l: Puerto Rico
n: Galapagos Islands
o: To Tonga
Porto Faro Jerez Seville Almeria Murcia Ibiza Alicante Mallorca Santiago Santander Alghero cagliari Figari Bournmouth Brest London-Gatewick Malaga Nantes Dinard Biarritz  La Rochelle Rome Palermo Trapani Brindisi Zadar Trieste Bordeaux
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