This is the front of the house. The picture is taken with the garage in the back. Riley is walking from the maindoor to the mailbox.
Backside. Here is an other entrance. The door lead direct into were we want the play-room for the kids.
4 doors leeds to different workshops and storage areas. The garage is a smaller model, but good for keeping bikes, motorboat...
One side of the house. The small windows on the second floor goes to storage areas in the house. There is 4 of them, 2 on each side. Second picture is in the basement. There is a seperate door outside that take you to this basement. The foundation is made of hard thick stone from a local curarry 100 years ago. The house it self is from 1904
Here is the old kitchen! THe woodenstove on the right is from 1930, it can be used to heat up the kitchen if there is a electrical blackout. Second picture is the "guest room". It has 2 window and good space for a big bed in the future.
This is the livingroom. We want to paint this fireplace totaly white. Mayby install a round window from the kitchen, to make it feel bigger. Second picture is the "play room" for our kids. We picked it for all the windows and light it brings.
Mayby our playground
to livinroom
From the kitchen the view is the workshops and the garage. Second picture is the "family room" - computer, books, armchair might be what we have here.. Im hoping to get a used pingpong table to unfold from a wall and bring out to play with,.
Detalj of the WC on the mainfloor. Toalet on the second picture is on the top-floor. The open door show childrens room.
Bathroom, sec floor
Stairs down to mainfloor. Second picture is inside one of the workshops.
28th of March
28th of March
Owners uncle, owner and so me... the new owner