This is when Carl is 5,5days old and we have him in a carseat.
We are going to Montanas, first time in an Resturang together as an family.
And next photo show how happy you can get when you have been eating a steak and a beer.
30th of June: Shopping and animal walk
Our baby with babys
We are doing shopping to to Carl and Charlie !!
These is to Charlie
Also these
And this cool one.. Charlie will be soo cool.
These is for Carl. He is a sailor ;0)
And these are for Carl.
We are at the Crown and Firkin in whitby.
Carls first breastfeeding in public... He is so exited.
Rileys dad, droven all they away from North Bay to see his grandchild.
Riley, Lilly, Mark, Carl, and Daniel in the back
Backside of Erics
Lilly and XBOX-master Daniel
Eric and his wife has done a great bbq meal for us!
Stroller time
A Kingfisher
See, he has ponietails
11th July
14th of July
Home in St Thomas.
Visist Oldgrandma, she is 96 today.
Riley, Diane, Jeanne, Carl
Les holding Carl
Roadtrips just after he was born