Here is the story.. I was going to be working in Canada and went in to the country without a workpermit that was ready. Canada desided to kick me out, and we had (when I got the memo) just 1½ days to book flights and go to an other country. We picked Mexico. The bags got packed, it tooks us one hour to do that, and next we were on a car to Rileys mother for finding some summer clothes.... We arrived in mexico when it was dark out. Here is a photo of our room.
Here is our bathroom.
Dark out, but this is our view. A big pool and the ocean.
We got ready to go for one of the all-inclusive resturang. A party boat passed by. The food we eat was great. Nice spices and the grilled meat came out to us in long BBQsticks. They cut the meet infront of our eyes and we picked what we wanted. Next morning Carl had a moment looking at the palmtrees. They have giving us a cryb for him to lay in, but when he is awake he likes to lay on the sofa and look at the palmtrees.
First time at the beach. Its 8 in the morning, little cloudy.
You can get drinks 24h almost. Cant wait.. lol
This is our window view.
Window view from oposit angle. I think it is mangrovi trees. I want to walk over there and see if we can see birds and snakes.
This is our door view. Today we will take a buss to a Wallmart.. Yes you heard right, a wallmart in Mexico. Carl is now sleeping, 10.00.. Or try to, he is over tired and need to hear us sing.
Carl is naping atlast, its now 11.00
The Pool looks promesing. We still are in our room after the breakfast. We ate lots of fruit and juice´s
Crazy russians... LOL
... Crazy good looking guy
He is enjoying every minute
Like palmtrees
Riley likes everything here, best "summer" she says
Got a shot of this nice bird.. name?
These guys used the pool.. birdflue? naa, they are our friends
Carribean/mexican golf, is just behind us.
Water is fun
A nice breaze in the afternoon
Riley and I have found a good spot, drinks are close by and a nice birdy friend sings for us.
Carl likes it, me too.
A pellican! First one Iv seen in real life. I need to find more, mayby we go to the mangrovi "swamp" tomorro and look for more.
This evening we went to an Italian cuisin. Great food! So far this food experiance is freeken better than local restuarang food we are used to eat at. Mayby some Spanish areas has been better on our trips, but not far from it though...
This morning we woke up and sa Pelicans hunt for fish. I sa 14, when I counted them. They whent down as bombs in the water when they sa fishes. Ok, now its time for breakfast, i think it will be fruit again, or.. the warm section. Riley ate pancakes yesterday.
Our breakfast
Toobad there is a window glas between us
Entrance to the hotel
Lobby. Were is my drink?
Now we are walking out to the mangrovi area
Its my and my brothers favorit tree
The bird is shasing the moon.
Master flyers
Leguan, what type?
This is an typical fish that mimic its suroundings. Its like an eal, but shaped like an mangrovi leaf. The head is pointing up in the photo.
We have this tree in Italy and the Med. But these are more yellow neonic colours.
We so this guy a fue times
This leguan we sa 2 times.
This is an Ibis bird. They are 2 types in Egypt and this might be a type that you only can find in America? In Egypt this was worship as a God. The God with a head like an Ibis bird was the God Thoth (if I remember correct).
Here is a crab that holds in a leaf, floating by in the current
Our guide said its not often you see them! We were lucky
Locals are fishing, using trowing net
Back to the resort
Morning in Holmströms room. Its 09.00, soon time for breakfast
We are heading for the beach today, the hole day. First time on this trip. Mayby the pyramides tomorrow.
Pellicans are looking for fish, there are lots of small fishes around us.
Chance to take a photo with an Ara, or they had monkeys too if you wanted have a photo with them.
Riley and Carl is hangin
Our hotel
Cool birds
Diving for fish
Well Kalle and I couldn't resist renting a car and taking a road trip. We just can't settle into this "all inclusive, planned excursions" idea. So yesterday Kalle organized a car, and this morning we left around 5 am and drove to Coba to see Mayan Ruins.
This is a fancy casa.
Turkey Vultures
This one doesn't look all that special, but it really sums up the begining of our road trip - DOGS and SPEED BUMPS!!!!!! There are strays everywhere, it's horrible. And the speedbumps, well, they can sneak up on you, but you won't miss it when you hit it all full speed - trust me! We've never seen anything like it.
"You know where you are? You're in the jungle baby!!!!"
Such a pretty bird. Our mongrove guide said this bird is a fisherman.
We were the first car in the parking lot at Coba. Time for breakfast Carl.
This was a spectator sport - all his buddies were standing around laughing at the possibility of a coconut falling on him :)
Here's the layout
Killer ants :) (that's my guess anyway)
Amazing!!!! Only 5% of this site has been cleared, the rest is all still covered in jungle. It made for a truly authentic experience. And because we beat the crowds it was like we were alone for alot of our tour.
The photo on the right is a "Ball Court" it's a game the Mayan played.
Carl loved all the trees and birds. He would make noises back to echo the birds.
Another ball court
The main feature!! 120 steps which along with the view, took your breath away :) We beat the tour group, so it was very quite and peaceful when we arrived. This made it worth getting up early.
Carl gave up here, so Kalle and I found a shady spot gave him a bottle and took turns going up.
The view!!!! And another ruin in the distance.
Kalle found this guy at the top. He was using Kalle's shadow as a way to cool down. If Kalle moved, so did the lizard. Amazing the friends you will make in the jungle.
Also on top of the pyramid

"Coba is located around two lagoons. A series of elevated stone and plaster roads radiate from the central site to various smaller sites near and far. These are known by the Maya term sacbe (plural sacbeob). Some of these causeways go east to the Caribbean coast, and the longest runs over 100 kilometres (62 mi) westwards to the site of Yaxuna. The site contains several large temple pyramids, the tallest, in what is known as the Nohoch Mul group of structures, being some 42 metres (138 ft) in height."

Carl having a nap on the pyramid
Doorway to a Mayan bee hive (they don't sting). A local man told us about them, and that the whole tree is full of honey.
Tarzan kid.
Time to change dyper
Forest has taken over
Light can come true the dark jungle. Here Riley and Carl under a big big tree
Termites hyve, the were alittle bit everywere in the forest. Carl is now "naked" and cooling of under the trees.
High up in the trees you can here all kinds of insects, butterflyes and bees we sa alot. Not much on the ground, but high up. The big butterflies was big as DVDs sices, blue and purple. Think they belong to the Monarch family.
We are looking for babyfood in Wallmart. Yes, they have Wallmart in Mexico.
Look, Riley found Baileys in Wallmart, happy Riley,. Just an hour before we went to Wallmart, we booked a new flight from Mexico that is 6 days later than Friday this week. Canada has not yet giving me a workpermit that is done..... So why not stay longer in Mexico? More sun, drinks and more roomservice.
In wallmart they sell here an Vodka that is called GÖTLAND. In the back it says that its flavor is like what you would expect from the viking island in Sweden.. HAHA, never seen it, and Götland spells GOTLAND, with no double dots.. hmmmm
Carl is sleeping in my arms. We sit under a Christmas tree, and next to us a Snowman. LOL, we have 28 degrees outside.
We are moving from one room to an other. Just to be able to stay 6 more days. Here is Carls friend.
I tryed to do an panoramic view of our bedroom view. But didnt turn out that well.. But we have a solid glas wall in a corner.
Here we drink our wine.
And here I update my homepage.. Would be nice to see FREEDOM anchored just outside here.. smile
Evening view
Up early. Go to breakfast, then La Playa
He is excited for the morning swim in the Carribean.
And happy
Under a coconut tree
This is our spot for the morning
Carl wants to explore the beach.
.. and look at windy palmtrees.
Dipping toes is fun
Dadys shirt, but its to warm.
Sleeping again
Rileys turn to cool down
Carl learnd to hold his bottle him self 2 day ago, in yesterday he tilt it so he can drink all, without us helping.
This is how you look like when the bottle is empty.
He think its so funny when we drip water from a distance into his mouth. He wants more and more.
Peecock again. Carl followed them, but cuite, not a sound...
Time for an afternoon nap. We parents, sleept bad prev night. Might do more fun in the evening.
Look a monkey jumped down from a tree and wanted a hug from Carl.
Its so cozy. Carl loves the money.
"It feels better when Pappa is with us", Carl think.
So windy. People is wind-kyting. Some sailingboats, but its realy windy.
Carl wakes up with a great smile.
Time for breakfast.
Clowdy, and windy. We decide to walk to the mall, tourist center. Carl is ready.
Riley had an request. To eat at a real Mexican restuarant.
A fue Corona, and alot of smiles.
Great food.
Carl see the bottle. - No, you have to wait 17 years.
A Outlet Mexican place. Reminds Riley of a gift that Papa and Nan gave here years ago. Carl likes the jacket he got,.
Disco-boat comes back in. We are back in the hotel.
In the morning from our window. Before all swimmers and seadoos gets out and get crazy, different fishes comes to the shore.
Stingray, also taken from our window. We also so a bigger Barracuda, but it was swimming in the weeds, so I didnt get a good photo.
Just before we left for breakfast, a Pufferfish showed up. We are living on the 6th floor. But clearly you can see its a puffer.
One day left.
From the roof top.
Roof top.