Carl learned how to take a fue steps
Brians frog
Ajaj, a splinter
What a good boy
First weeks we stayed at his grand parents, Riley was working in Pickering and I took care of Carl in st Thomas.
Outside to the Splash park
Look a bird
Water is the best when its warm out
Big boy, look its easy to sit by my self on a chair
Going to a "fare" 10th of Aug 2012
Carl wants to ride a horse
But are they not big?
Well, dady helps. "Nana" takes photos
He is so happy
i like goats
rabbit, horse
wow, Carl wanted to try all tractors
other kids play, carl is looking what they are doing
this is scarry
Ok, lets win a prize
yey, carl won
thank you Deb for a fun day at the Fare.
Our new home for the atum 2012. 10min walking to the Pickering station
17th of August, evening swim at "Gamma beach" in Pickering
Carl takes a bath here almost every day, and if not that day- you can find im in a bath tub...........
Friendly waves
Ok, time for supper and then go to bed.

20e aug