Left: His heart rate, and his moms contractions has green colour. Right: Mom Riley is ready to meet Carl.
It beginns
Rileys mom started driving right after we called her, 3h later and 8cm wide she arrived after a long drive.
Left: Lucky sharm that got lost a fue weeks ago, got found in my pocket right before we started to push. Sign of good luck?
Right: We had great support from this team, an easy going crew- Lots of jokes and laughs.
Carl Magnus and his weight in KG and in POUNDS.
First bath
Melissa come over, super exited.
Grandma and Brook
Grumpy but loves his mom
So proud
First car drive!
We all got matching bands, and they matched at the exit, soooo... WE ARE HOME
In the evening same day 23rd we had some visitors:
Left: Gavin, brother to Riley. Right: Brook, girlfriend to Gavin. Grandma Deb and Gavin holding Carl Magnus.