Second time he sucks his thum. But we have started with just using a "Napp", and not use his thumb.
He is learning already about the greek gods
Pappa Kalles first shopping to his family.
2 happy family members
Thanks Stina for the lovley shirt
Happy Midsummer day!
Kendal and Tammi payed us a visit.
Jake and Trevor "Gunkles" are on a visit (24th)
They wanted to meet Carl, and give presents :0)
He is going to be a so well dressed dude. Thank you Trevor and Jake!
25th of June, "walk and a bath"
Time for a walk. We just did a 15min to start with... We are all new at this.
Here he is, first time in the stroller.
The bath is done. He seems to be happy after this experiance. He liked having warm water on his back..
This is how happy a young kid can be when he have cloths on him from his Faster Stina. So clean and happy!
He wants to eat my nose... There is a video of this out now on Youtube.
The little Captain is sleeping... I cant do that later when he is on duty on the boat. :0)
we are sick :0)
28th- Cathrine, Kendals mother.
Me and Carl is taking a bath in the tub.
He liked it.
Mom loves him, he loves her
Carls 2nd cousin Daniel and Daniels mother Svieta
Neighbour Jessica
And neighbour Lynda
Tayah holding Carl realy good
Tayah explain how to be carful with Carls head - "His head is like a soft piece of pie", Tayah with her father
Caelen and Tayah
Old pro, even did a diaper
Melissa holds Carl. Tayah is playing my game, had to stop her, for she started to beat it for me
This is how tired you are after so many visitors
30th June
Brian is on a visit
Brian is awake again, Deb, Brook and Diesel
Kalles b day
10th of July
Finaly asleep. With his buddy: The seaturtle (18 days old).
Up again, Thumbs up
Trushbaby in the bath with Pappa.
Likes it.
11th of July
12th July
Me and Carl is watching Swedish TV-news. It needs to start early, he is going to be a globetrotter.... :0)
He sits in his Airplane-sleeper.
One of his quite moments. He likes his nest.
Merek poped over for a visist
Moving time... Last day for Carl and us in the appartment.
Home in the appartment