3D photos from 10th of March. Marham region, ON.
2011 February 4th we visit an Ultrasound clinic and found out its going to be a boy!
His hand is waving to us, my thum and Rileys name is showing.
His head.
He was sucking and playing..
Wednesday 22nd at 01 Riley went in to labour, 04.30 we were in the hopital and 10.11 Carl was born.
Its time. Everyone gives a thumbs up.
And here he is, Carl Magnus.
Background story

Here is Carl Magnus Holmström, born 30th of March 1856. When I did a heritage search I found lost family members, that was not knownd to me or any around me. On my trips to farmlands that we owned, I meet a 90 year old man that remembered Carl Magnus as a kid. That he was a loving caring old man, always candy in his drawer and often wanted to play cards. He was the one that fall in love with a girl in younger years, but couldnt marrie her becourse her brothers thought "his pants was not long enuff" - and that meent that he didnt have enuf money. Later when his first wife past away, he remarried with his dream girl. Carl Magnus was heart brokend when my grandfather got in a fight with his sister and moved, later to Påskallavik. My Grandfather never moved back and Carl was very sad about it. He died in his bed on the farm and is barried in Edsbruks graveyard. My grandfathers sister got the hole farm and her family still owns the land to this day.

I hope that Carl Magnus is going to grow up to become a nice man, as my oldold grandfather.

(the picture is from the church books, it also shows when Carl was baptised: 1st of April 1856.)
Here is Carl Magnus (the older) grave. He lyes in Edsbruk. On the gravestone it says that he is sharing this grave with his daughter.
This is the old grave yard.
This is Holmströms heritage home, or were Carl Magnus got his children born. Carl Appel Holmström got born here and later moved closer to we live now. Just one street away from were we have the house Appel lived for a fue years. Before he moved there Stig Holmström was born and later in Målen, Påskallavik Kenneth my father was born. So Carl, ower son is Carl the 5th in this line.
Here is the barn were Appel and his sister got to splitt it up, you can easy see the border in the middle of the barn. Unfortunal the splitt of the barn was what made Appel move and the Holmström side in VästraEd was broken.
This is the oldest part of the land he owned. One other story that is 100 years old about Carl Magnus, is that his old friend that also was working on the railway in there early years, needed a place to stay. His wife had passed away and he was stranded by himself with 11 kids. Carl Magnus had a big heart and let his friend with family stay in an "soldier cabbin/ Soldat torp". Here he got plenty of help from Carls farmer helpers and his wife. This Carl Magnus, truly was a carring man and I wish I had a photo of him.